8 thoughts on “Three Dogs & a BooK

  1. Hi Everyone I am new at Blogging as you can tell! However, I just want this to be an informal discussion of books that people like or don’t like, but please no bashing!! Let’s be constructive and positive as possible! It might not be your taste, but someone else may have thought it was 10 stars!!! Go figure! Just like the clothes people wear! You ever people watch at department stores!!!

    I am a lover of books since I was a kid! I found a sanctuary at our local Public Library! I will read everything except Horror and the Anime books!
    I love Historical Fiction and Historical Romance because of the history you gain!! I have learned so much about England and the French and there relationship. I have been exposed to the French Resistance fighters! The German underground network of women who put there lives at risk!!
    Author Meara Platt geared me towards paranormal and I found I did enjoy reading that genre of book! I even tried a few of her other ones!
    I also was intrigued by a dragon series and I now cannot wait for the second of this Fantasy Sci-Fi type to be released!
    I will try any author at least twice because you never know that one book you picked up might not have been there best choice for you! Try another one! You may find yourself surprised, but wait awhile to read the second one because you already have negative thoughts in your mind!!!

    Well, WELCOME to Three Dogs & a Book
    I have a Cairn Terrier- 12-Gauge is his name and he is 12 years old and rules the roost! Small but Mighty! Next is Peaches 4 yrs old a German Short haired Pointer mixed with black lab! She is the Queen! Next is Harley Jane a Pit Bull Terrier Mix and the sweetie! We just recently acquired a fourth dog but I am not changing everything at this point! She is a 7 month old puppy! Maizy but my husband wants to call her Daisy! 😀She is a English Bull dog mixed with MASTIFF! She is 47 lbs and a lap dog!!!

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  2. I’ll start talking books when I get this figured out so give me a few days! Until then if anyone just wants to chat and say hi and let me know what they are reading please free to do so! I’m currently in Pennsylvania visiting my son and his wife and my beautiful 10 year old granddaughter!!! But, I am currently reading The Girl Without a Name by Suzanne Goldring! I’m just starting it, so I’ll keep you posted!
    I just wrapped up, Wrapped Up in Christmas Joy by Janice Lynn and this isn’t your typical sappy Christmas book! It tackled a pretty difficult subject matter near and dear to my heart ❤️!! PTSD! The book is really written well and handles the subject matter with dignity!!!

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    1. Not to bad with this crazy brain 🧠 for doing it all by myself, but I have lots of bugs to work out! Hopefully this weekend Or next week I can sit down and call and chat with the WordPress gurus! I get online help! Yeah! For Tech support!


  3. Just finished Girl Without A Name by Janice Lynn and the book is good! It kept me wanting to turn the pages! More after I write my review and I can post more! I’m 3/4 done with Eagle Down by Jessica Donati I almost didn’t choose this book because of the War in Afghanistan and my son did a tour over there and missed his daughter’s birth and pretty much her whole first year of life! He also did one in Iraq. My husband was in the first Desert Storm, so this book has brought forth a tide of emotions! So far the writing is point on and truly explosive and I am awed by the raw emotion of the writer!


  4. As you can see from my times my internal body clock has not adjusted to me sleeping differently yet! I go to bed by 9: o’clock when they do and I read to 10. Wake at 3! Read all day! No TV there router is down waiting for new one plus I don’t watch much Tv and I have no sewing machine and it’s too cold no swimming pool!


  5. Been busy with my granddaughter in Pennsylvania, but I will be back next Weekend and I will have time to work on my pages and my blog and opinions on my books! I have reviewed quite a few and just finished 7 new books not out yet and some of them are extremely strong books!


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